#PrivacyRoundUp March 5-9th

Every week we come across many interesting articles on the subject of online privacy and thought we’d share the best of the week with you.

“Every search you make…I’ll be watching you…” Personalized Search Results Invade Privacy!

Reported this week on MSNBC, a Pew survey shows that  “73 percent said they are not comfortable with a search engine keeping track of their searches “and using that information to personalize future search results because they feel it is an invasion of privacy.”

How do you feel about your every search being tracked?

This leads us to the next topic..

Do Not Track Button

In his post, Mitch Joel looks at the Do Not Track button and at how right now we are at kind of a crossroads. We want personalization and yet at the same time..privacy. How should companies strike a balance? Can they or is it already too late?

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