Privacy Roundup: April 2-April 6th

Every week we scour the web for interesting articles on the subject of online privacy and thought we’d share the best of the week with you

Online stalking increases

DailyShield reports that 1 in 5 Americans may be victim of online stalking.

 Apps access your data through your friends

You may not have realized this but apps can access your personal information through your friends. There’s a simple fix for this but (as usual) buried in the settings. Here’s some help from appblock.

Combined apps can be hazardous to your privacy

TIME says apps that combine data sets from multiple social media sites “can be extremely hazardous to yourprivacy” as seen with the latest app to make the news “Girls Around me”. The guys behind i-Free didn’t invent some new way to access people’s data. They used existing APIs from Facebook, Foursquare and Google Maps to create a program that utilizes information people willingly give up.


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