#PrivacyRoundup March 12-16th

Every week we scour the web for interesting articles on the subject of online privacy and thought we’d share the best of the week with you.

Your dishwasher has eyes!

Or will..eventually. With the proliferation of “smart” devices, it won’t be long that the CIA wil be able to spy on you through your dishwasher

Facebook knew I was engaged, even when I didn’t tell it!

Not even recently engaged (it had been more than a year), a Facebook user finds herself being asked the nature of her relationship with her fiancee through an advertisement for an engagement ring. They never revealed their status on Facebook explicitly but rather announced it to their friends offline (I guess that’s what we’re calling “real” life these days 🙂 ) and creatively through pictures being tagged on Facebook. Of course it has come up in comments and she does use the words wedding etc..Looks like Facebook figured them out!  Is Facebook ever wrong?  And what if they weren’t engaged..yet? #awkward

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